Biohawk Pine Crush 35g

Biohawk Pine Crush 35g

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Dried pineapple powder from the subtropical Sunshine Coast of Australia.

Mix contents of each sachet with 250ml water in a clean bottle and keep refrigerated for up to 30 days  Once mixed with water it may be frozen for up to 3 years and can be refrozen and re-thawed multiple times.

The pineapple plant thrive in the subtropical climate on the Sunshine Coast of Australia. Apart from its delicious and distinct flavour pineapple contains a wealth of nutrients such as vitamins and minerals including calcium, copper, bromelian, magnesium, vitamin B6 & C and potassium and may improve repertory health such as coughs and cold and fight of inflammations.

Ingredients: dry powder of pineapple crush (80%) with its aqueous extract.